Wednesday, November 9, 2011

lazy day and birthday!

today ended up being a great day! i woke up and got an e-mail that class was cancelled! that is always a good day! i got to eat breakfast with my brother who got in town early this morning. it was good to just hang out around the house. after i was lazy i took a practice PRAXIS test. it was torture. i hate timed tests. after i graded it i was even more discouraged. i am praying i will not have this problem on saturday. on a happier note, did anyone watch the CMA's? i have loved it so far! i added going to the CMA's to my bucket list. i love concerts so i can only imagine how amazing that atmosphere is! and carrie underwood? she. is. gorgeous. and such a fun host! 

after breakfast, i got a text from mara telling me i could use my city cash early at new york and company! i went there and got so much great stuff for teaching. i was not prepared this semester to have as many "business" clothes as i needed. for every $30 i spent i got $15 off! 

today is also one of my friends birthdays! i have been friends with jenna since i was in kindergarten. it is so great to say she is a lifelong friend. i have always been close, but watching her grow in her walk with Christ has been the best experience of it all. i am so honored to call her friend. i am also so excited to see what God has in store for her life!

happy happy birthday jenna! i love you!

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