Thursday, March 25, 2010

shirts are in!!

today was horrible and rainy! walking across campus made me miss high school and that is saying a lot! i did get a phone call in biology today and the t-shirts are in! i love them! they look just like the pictures! girls bible study tonight and it was great! we talked about friends and the importance of friendships and teamwork! i just loved getting to hear the girls hearts and they are so open! it was awesome! i also get to have a friend sleep over tonight! kayla is coming and i am so pumped! we are going to make cookie dough truffles! i got the recipe off of another blog and i am so pumped! the batter is delicious! well off to hang out with kayla! have a great night! 

acting like it's wednesday

i didn't get to post yesterday, but i couldn't ignore it. yesterday was great! school was fine, but everything else was really great. i felt semi- accomplished in all of my classes, i got to go to church and get some stuff done and had lunch with one of my FAVORITES! thank you mrs. kathi! i was dreading my afternoon class, but i tried to think of doing everything in excellence and i drug myself to class! long story short, while i was sitting in class learning about everything i shouldn't be eating i got an e-mail. the e-mail. the one telling me my name was next on the waiting list and i get to go on the double mission trip to africa! i literally screamed, had to apologize to the teacher, and then couldn't sit still for the rest of class. i can't stop smiling even as i type this. so today that is what i am wild about.

my sweet, new, blog-friend whitney started a "wild wednesday" blog post. i am sure i am becoming repetitive, but at least everyone knows my heart is genuine for africa.  today i am wild about africa. when i found out i got to go on both trips i think i told everyone, regardless. this is my trip agenda:
i get to go to "litzemba"celebration on the 16th of july. when that trip is over on the 25th and everyone else leaves, i will stay to wait for the next group to come on the 28th.  while i am there i will get to serve on the medical mission team. WOW! i know nothing about medicine, but it is going to be a blessing. the 28th my mom and the group she is with will arrive and we will be there until the 5th of august! 
i am STOKED! God has truly blessed me! i didn't know if it was going to happen, and it has! i have so much more money to raise, but i know God will provide. people in my church, family, friends, have all been so faithful to me. thank you everyone! 

hope my "wild about africa" post didn't bore anyone or sound redundant. i truly have a heart for this ministry and missions and can't wait! t-shirts should be in today or tomorrow and that is something else that makes me smile! thanks for pretending it was wednesday with me! have a great day! 

Monday, March 22, 2010

dear summer: where are you?

wow! to think someone thought my blog was beautiful! :) thank you whitney! she tagged me in the beautiful blog award and i am using this post to follow the "rules." first off, thank you ashley for helping me. she is pretty much in charge of the goregousness of my blog.

i am now supposed to tag seven people in this award that have beautiful blogs and i don't think that will be hard. 
1. ashley at our happily ever afters
2. andrea at joyfully journalling
3. alana at be my everything
4. emily at just to keep in touch
5. sarah at the blissful life of the bandermanns
6. carol at it may be a crazy life, but it is our life
7.   laura at lucky in love

i feel like after so many different "about me" posts, people have to be getting bored. if you are, bare with me. please don't stop reading. i am having a hard time coming up with so many different facts. so on to seven thing about me:

* relaxing at home is one of my favorite things to do.
* i love days when i don't have to shower. is that gross?!
* i love, love.
* my wiifit is my new favorite thing to do.
* i am reading the book passion and purity. love it.

well, that sums up this post. i am so thankful for the people who have been reading my blog. i love the blogging world. it's been a fun few months! i am loving, getting to meet new people. not much has gone on lately. i haven't wrote because i have been sick over the weekend. i still am not feeling good today. i am hoping this will go away soon. my trip to africa continues to come quicker! i can hardly wait! only 125 more days! every aspect of my life has played a part in this trip. t-shirts should be in this week! i can't wait! they are going to be great! can i say that? haha. 

back to school this week :( i am not looking forward to it, but i am trying to think positively. this is where God has me now, so i must do everything in excellence. summer i coming and it will be my motivation to work hard the rest of the semester! have a great week! 

"may we quietly wait and patiently endure the will of the Lord till He comes.  our Father takes away the rod when His purpose in using it is fully accomplished." streams of the desert

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


my sweet, new, blog-friend alana tagged me in a happiness post so today i am going to write on ten things that make me happy! 

i am going to have a hard time just writing ten things that make me happy. i am so blessed and everything i have i am thankful for, so i am going to try to think of some fun things people may not already know. 

1. my prayer journal. i love to look through my journal to truly read and see what God has done in my life. it's so encouraging. how blessed am i that my Savior hears my calls. 
2. africa. my heart has been won over by this country and my heart is happy. i love to read and dream of the opportunities i am going to have when i am over there and i can't wait to experience what God wants to teach me. 
3. sunshine. i truly think i have SAD(seasonal affective disorder). there is nothing greater than waking up to see the beautiful sun. i love being outside and am so pumped for spring and summer. 

4. success. i love, love, love to see people or things succeed. whether it's a new business or someone trying to do something, i adore the true smiles people have when they succeed. i enjoy helping people figure out what they want in life and trying to help them take steps to achieve these things. 
5. music. i love love music. i love to listen to it. i love to worship to it. i love to sing to it. i love to dance to it. does that sum up why music makes me happy :)
6. streams of the desert. i don't know if i could get through life without this book. if you don't have it, get it. :) this book is like a breath of fresh-air and encouragement. if you need some encouraging words, think about this book. 

7. God's love story. i am amazed and reminded daily of the greatest love story of all time. the bible is the best book ever-written and i am in it. i can't get over the faithfulness and promises that are packed in the bible. thank you LORD. 
8. clothes. i love to shop. i enjoy putting outfits together and buying new things! this might be bad, but i don't think there is anything wrong with treating yourself with something every now and then! my favorite thing to do is shop on a budget. i love trying to see how many things i can get with a certain amount of money. maybe someday i won't have such a tight budget! 
9. home. being at home just puts a smile on my face. i enjoy going places and "getting-out" but i love the days when i can come home and just relax in the comfort of my own home. if you looked up "homebody" in the dictionary(if that even is a word) i am pretty sure you would find my picture. 
10. "smell good." i love perfume, lotion, hair product, anything that smells good. i can't stand something smelling foul, so i am always spraying or rubbing something on. if you ask any of my friends, i am always asking "do i stink?" 

thanks so much alana, for tagging me in this post! it's fun to think of new things i am happy for! this week has been so great. i have been able to relax and it has been great. i got to walk on the trail today and it was so refreshing. tomorrow i get to spend some time with my sweet friend alyssa. we are going to take day-trip to st. louis! i hope we find some "good stuff." i will try to take some pictures of our little adventure to share! have a blessed day! 
"and being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross." philippians 2:8

Sunday, March 14, 2010

the lovely seven

ashley, at our happily ever afters, wrote a post on seven things about herself! she tagged everyone and i thought it would be fun! hopefully i won't repeat anything anyone knows! here goes...

1. i have great intentions to work out, but do not like to do it. i am trying to be better, but it truly is torturous sometimes.  i have the vision of how i want to look of course, but i definitely wish it would just come, regardless. i know, i know, it doesn't work like that, but i sure wouldn't be complaining if it were! wouldn't it be great if we all had the same confidence we did when we were younger?!

2. if i could get on a plane right now i would fly to swaziland, africa. i am going on a mission trip to swaziland in the summer and my heart has definitely already landed there. i am so passionate about this ministry and i can't wait to get my hands on those sweet little children (in a completely non-agressive way).

3.  i absolutely love to decorate and wish i had the money to re-do "my" house, also known as my my mom's house. i have gotten to do a few rooms, but of course i was on a budget, which most of the time i enjoy, but i wish i could have no budget to do a whole house! how funnn!!! some of my favorites:

4.  ice cream is my guilty pleasure. it doesn't matter what flavor, what time, or where it is from, i love ice cream. i recently fasted from ice cream and it was tough! that is awful, but it is true! let's just say i am extremely thankful for ice cream! 

5. i am the most tender-hearted person you'll meet. i am the girl who cries if she sees a dead animal (yuck!) or over any story of inequality or death. example, i once hit a bird while i was driving (sick, i know) i called my mom in tears because i was so worried that i killed a little bird's mom or dad. my mom tried to convince me that it would be okay, and that it is different in "bird's world, but i was tore up for quite some time. i know, i am pathetic. i am trying to embrace this, but at times it gets real annoying. 

6. i love the blogging world! it's been so fun to get the "hang" of things. i'm still really new, but i am loving learning all the ins and outs. i hope to continue this! it has been a great way to stay in touch with the one's i love, but more recently, to meet new people! i am getting to meet tons of great, godly girls! thank you JESUS! 

7.  my family is so important to me! i would do anything for any of them. i do wish i had a bigger family! we have a very small immediate family as well as extended family! i wouldn't trade it for anything, maybe just sprinkle a few more in! the more, the merrier, right?! here is my family:

grandma & i
my best friend (mom) and i
the brother and myself

i hope this gives a little more insight to who i am! thank you ashley for tagging everyone! i have enjoyed reading the others and meeting new people! it's spring break and i can't wait to sleep in tomorrow! i am looking forward to this week! i don't have any plans and i am loving it! my goal is to try and take as many pictures as i can from now on! i love to take pictures, but i always forget! i enjoy being able to put them on here and share them with everyone! hopefully you enjoy too! if not, i do! hehe! have a fantastic week everyone! 

"However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace."
Acts 20:24

Saturday, March 13, 2010

it has arrived

spring break is here! i am so pumped! i am so glad to have a week to not have to worry about school! it will be fantastic! 
  i got to order t-shirts today! they should be in by two weeks if not before! i am very pleased with the way they turned out and this will be a great opportunity to raise money for my trip! i know God is going to be faithful, but i must work on my end to do everything i can to raise money. if anyone is interested in a t-shirt let me know! also, if anyone has any fundraising ideas help a girl out! i am taking all i can get! 
  keeping on with the african-theme! my trip is 134 days away! i can hardly contain my excitement! i am definitely trying to have a good attitude about school, because i know this is where God has me now, but it definitely is hard! i can't believe it is already march! i feel like time goes by faster and faster every year! 
  to backtrack a little, last weekend my wonderful friend from murray, becca, came in to visit! it was so great! we had so much fun! being apart is hard, but she fell in love with cape and will be coming back to visit soon! can not wait! :)
i of course had to take her around "the town"! we had a blast! here are some of our sweet pictures! 

the wonderful main street clock! the weather was great! 

while we were downtown we headed to one of the fun antique shops! we played a little dress-up!

i thought the hat below looked very "willy-wonkaish."

we ate our weights in food throughout the weekend! we went out to shoguns on saturday night and of course it was delicious. and on sunday i got to take her to experience the lovely dining experience of lamberts! it was SO fun! she loved it of course and she even caught a roll! haha!

it was a little bright out, but i sure wasn't complaining! 

today was the last day for upwards basketball/cheerleading! this is my fifth year coaching a cheerleading squad. and yes, you are right. i am not a cheerleader!  i enjoy it so much though! i had kindergartners this year and boy did we have fun! tomorrow is awards night! i'll post some pictures soon! 

i am looking forward to a night at home! (not really any different from any other night) everyone enjoy! and have a great spring break! 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

peace, love, t-shirts


I am fund-raising for my trip this summer! I got this idea from a few friends, and decided to go with it! Who doesn't love t-shirts!?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i think my heart is in the shape of africa

wow. it has been a long time. please accept my apology! i am just now home from housesitting for a month and a half and without wireless at the house it was hard to keep up! so much has gone on, so instead of recapping, i am just going with what's going on today! i just got to see a documentary on invisible children and boy once again, africa has changed my life. for those who don't know i am going to be traveling to swaziland africa this summer for heart for africa. i am super pumped and i know that is exactly where God has called me. i am hoping to go on two trips, back to back and i am just trusting God will provide.
in the beginning, my mom and i were planning on going in december, so when we felt like god was calling us this summer, we didn't know what to think. we hadn't raised a dime. thankfully we know we serve a big God, so we knew He wouldn't send us but not provide. we are currently thinking of ideas to raise money and we need to have $1,000 by the END of the month. i am trusting God will provide, so, here goes! i can't wait. sitting in the documentary tonight about children in uganda, once again touched my heart. i am absolutely floored and i am compelled to do something. i know God has huge plans.
a little side-note. i was able to talk to the co-founder of heart for africa and i am going to have the opportunity to teach in africa. i will actually get to utilize my degree in the way i want and i can share the gospel while i am at it. how cool is that?! i can't contain my excitement. for those who have read, God shut my heart to public education, but look what a great deal i got from it!?
on another note, i got a MAC! it is so fun! i have been saving for a long time and let's just say, it paid off completely! i love it! i can't wait to learn all the tricks!
this will sound so obvious, but God has been so faithful. he continues to remind me He is enough to sustain me and he is sovereign. i am learning so much and i am so blessed. girl's bible study is so great and the girls are really learning a lot. if they could only soak up what they are learning at their age, their generation will be changed.
i had such a great weekend with a great friend, becca. we met at murray state through sigma and we were bonded for life. it was great to see her and the weekend was jam-packed full of fun! it was so fun to see her so excited to be here (it made me appreciate cape). we went to lamberts and shogun! let's just say we had plenty of calories over the weekend. i of course took her to andy's and we spent a lot of time just discussing life, and it was an answered prayer! thank you jesus!
i am counting down the days to spring break! only three more! woot! woot! i am ready for a break from school and a little break from work and life in general! i have so many assignments to get done this week, but i know it is going to pay off in the end and it will be worth it! keitha is coming to visit! eeekkk! i haven't seen her since BEFORE thanksgiving! it will be a blast! we are thinking of going on a roadtrip over the weekend! we will see what happens. regardless, we cannot wait to see each other and catch up IN person!
well that's a little to catch up to today. i promise to continue blogging more, like the old days! i got to see some new, young girl's blogs from kelly's korner, and i am hoping to get connected with some great girls! talk soon!