Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wild wednesday!

today i am wild about...
i loooove me some sunshine! i think i could possible suffer from seasonal affective disorder! how can you be in a good mood when the weather is yuck?! i love the summer and springtime for this very reason! i can't wait for summer! i get to go to the beach in 17 days! woohooo! i can soak up all the sun i want in the seven days i am there! i can't wait! 
* friends!

i love my friends! spending time with them is the best medication a girl could ask for. i look forward to this summer so i can say "so long" to my school and "hello" to my sweet friends.  i would do anything for them! and they are always there for me! love you!
my summer equals the beach on most occasions! i am counting down until i go! this is my favorite place! this summer i get the opportunity to go to the beach plus as you all know (and are probably sick of hearing) i am going to africa! i get the chance of a lifetime! so summer, you are 15 days away! here i come!!

thanks whitney for thinking of this cute idea! i wish i was better at keeping up with this! ha! 

Monday, April 26, 2010


this weekend was ahhmmaazzinggg! i spent the weekend with some of my favorite ladies from church in branson! it was a blast! i was the youngest on the trip, but it was great to see all the other women and hear from them. plus i got to spend the weekend with my momma. we had a blast. let's seeee....
big daddy weave led worship. awesome.
kay arthur drove home the question "are you ready to meet your God." wake up call. 
candace cameron: adorable, humble, great speaker.
donna gaines: inspirational.
anita renfroe: hilarious.
 wow it was an amazing weekend! it was the perfect timing and i could go back in heartbeat. i got to know some new people and i loved every minute of it. women of joy: you rocked my world. thanks.

i am almost half way to my raising complete funds for africa! i have about a month left. i am trying not to freak out. i have complete assurance God is going to provide as He has already promised so i am sure he is just sitting up there laughing at me. He has got it all in control. thank you Lord. i am so excited and am starting to prepare for my trip. i am trying to think of everything i am going to need and wanting to take!

sunday is finally sassy shots! i haven't wrote or talked about this at all! bella bambino, a local studio in town, is doing a shoot called sassy shoots. it's an all-inclusive shoot! my bestie mara and i are going to do this together and we can't wait! we get our hair styled, clothes to wear, and make-up done and there is even food! woohoo! it will be so much fun! i have had a picture done by sheri before! she is amazing at what she does! she did a conceptual shoot called "words in ashes." we were supposed to choose a word that describes our relationship with Christ or something along those lines. this shoot was done around ash wednesday so the word was written in ashes on our foreheads. the shoot was amazing.

i can't wait to post our pictures from the next shoot! they are very fun and sassy! not only do we do get all of the "stuff" listed above, we get the rights to our pictures! it's a great deal! to say the least i am pumped! 

i am down to two weeks left of school! i can see the end in sight but it still seems so far away. i need an encouragement to work-out and do my best to eat better! i do not want sympathy, but i do not feel confident and the only way i can feel that way is if i do something for myself. any tips or ideas that worked for you!?

i hope tomorrow i will have time to do something fun i saw on whitney's blog! i loved reading about her today and they were great questions! i'm so glad i am back on track! i am thinking of a fun series to start! i can't wait! any ideas!?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i know i keep repeating myself. it's very unfortunate. i hate being busy. i used to love it but i think i am just burnt out. i need a vacation! and in 24 days i will have just that, so i am truckin' along just trying to get by. i should be thanking Jesus that i have the ability to work hard and have plans, but i am only human. maybe next time? ha. i am awful. i need to stop complaining!

just in case you are curious, you probably aren't, but oh well! africa is in 86 days! i am stoked! i can't wait! i also can't wait to blog on my whole journey and come back and share it with everyone. it will be such a great thing to remember. i am beginning to get nervous. i am not afraid to be out of the country, or by myself, but i am afraid of not being able to have communication with my mom. yea, yea, yea, i am a baby, but do i care?! not at all. at least i can admit it, right?!

soooo 22 more days of this semester and then i am home free for a while! i can't wait! my life is literally in lists right now and i hate it! i am a spontaneous person, not a planner, so to have everything planned to a "t" is not working for me! ugh! i should stop complaining. i apologize. my life is a countdown right now and it keeps me going! my birthday is in 37 days! i can't wait! it should be fun!

i have been working out everyday! i am very proud of myself, because i really dislike working out! to the max! i decided if i wanted to feel confident on vacay AND feel better about my self! it has definitely been kicking my butt, but i do feel better about myself, so that is the point, right?! hope so. lol

i am going to "women of joy" this weekend in branson, missouri! i can't wait! it is coming in perfect timing, but God's timing is always perfect.  big daddy weave is leading worship which i am loving! i enjoy their music so much! candace cameron brure, kay arthur, and anita renfroe are some of the speakers and michael w. smith and steven curtis chapman in concert! wow! what a great weekend! it will be so fun! there are about 20 ladies from church going so it will be a wonderful, refreshing time!

well off to church soon! hope to be back sooner than later! i love to write and catch up, but sometimes it just doesn't work into any of my lists! maybe i should change that!? hope everyone is great! i have made my next fundraising deadline for africa! thank you JESUS! it is only by His grace and support!

"my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.  therefore, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me!" 2 corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

little thoughts.

ahh. housesitting gets me every time. i have been housesitting for the past week and it kills me in the blogging department! sorry! well so much has gone on! i don't even know where to start!

this weekend was my heart for africa garage sale. my friend britt and i asked for donations of old "stuff." we were overwhelmed! it was such a blessing! we had it at a local business here and it was a huge success! between the two of us we made over $1000!! yes, $1000 at a garage sale. i would have to say God had his hand on our fundraiser and he blessed it! thank you Jesus! prior to the garage sale i was definitely discouraged about funding. i had sent out letters and e-mails and i was so worried i couldn't raise the money i needed. worrying, was my first problem. my mom had to go to vegas for her work trip. she hates it! anyways, while she was there janine maxwell, co-founder of heart for africa, was there and the got to talk.  mrs. janine just prayed with my mom and in the course of this week i was given over $1000! God is so big.

last night, joe white came to cape! if you haven't ever heard him speak, you are missing out! he gave his pure excitement talk! over 600 teenagers came to cape to listen and it was AMAZING. he definitely has a gift for teenagers! God moved in that room last night! it was great! check out the website!

i am watching the classic gone with the wind as i write. i am sad to say i haven't watched this before! isn't that awful! i have to watch it for class and i am intrigued by the fun clothes and lifestyles they had. i don't know if i could have lived that way for long, but i do think it would be fun to try it for a while! :)

i am craving a shopping trip. is that possible? with my "spending freeze" for africa i haven't bought anything in a long time. i should be completely fine. i am sure part of this is a lesson from God, but i am not sure i am liking it :) i know, i am pathetic, but for a girl who loves to shop, it is tough! okay, i'll stop complaining.

i am loving catching up on my blog-reading. so many things have gone on since i have been "gone" i am getting some great ideas! i hope to be better as summer comes closer!  i can't wait!

a shout out to alana! i now have one of my t-shirts in canada! thank you girl! your donation is helping me take the trip of a lifetime! thank you!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

spring is here!

i hate that it has been so long since i have blogged. :(  my life has gotten so hectic. i have been told more than once in the past month that i have enough to do to keep eight people busy. awesome. i have no life. don't get me wrong, i am SO THANKFUL for everything i have, but i need a vacation! well now that i have bored you to tears, let me continue with something better. 

africa is getting closer!! 100 more days! almost in the double digits. i can't wait! this weekend is our first fundraiser! we are going to have a HUGE garage sale! more than five families are involved and we have a ton of good stuff! any of you who live close, come on by! i still have t-shirts! they have been popular, but i have  a lot more to get rid of! i have been talking about africa a lot more lately and i am not going to lie, i am flipping out! it will rock, so that is all that matters!

on the same note, i have been saving all of my money, and it is NOT fun. i love to shop, so it doesn't mix well.  oh well. i did get to go to target today and it made my day. i needed face wash but of course i looked in the clothing, i mean, who wouldn't? i of course didn't find anything :( but i did get some nail polish to kick of the fabulous spring! i got two different colors and it literally made me so happy! it's the small things that make me happy! i got sally hansen's "mint sprint" and "lively lilac." boy, i love 'em.

on to school. blah. i dislike it MAJOR! ugh! i could go on and on, but to save you the bore, i won't. i did drop a class today. yeah, i know, it's the end of the semester and that's a stupid move. well sort of, but if i didn't want to jeopardize my gpa, that was the only choice i had. it stinks when you have teachers who do not care. thanks semo. oh well. 25 more days. i can't wait! best news ever! 

mom is in vegas partying it up. TOTALLY kidding. she would pee her pants if she knew i said that. she is on a work trip. she had to leave on sunday. yes, EASTER sunday. it was dumb. and yes even though i am almost twenty i did bawl my eyes out when she left. that just made me feel great.  NOT. 

i hope to be back tomorrow with something more relevant and worthy of reading. sorry for the bore and thanks for letting me ramble. at this point, no one is probably reading. HA. i love the blogging world. that's all for now!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

He has risen.

it's been so sad i haven't been able to write! :( my life has been overtaken by work and school. i HATE it. so sorry. i promise to do better this week!...i hope! anyways, as we are entering easter i just wanted to post a tribute to MY KING. thank you Jesus for coming. good gracious i can't even fathom the gift He gave. i hope everyone takes this time to soak up what Christ did for us. thank you for letting me write my personal beliefs. enjoy the videos.

my king:
have a happy easter and thank God for the sacrifice he made for us. be back soon.