Thursday, March 25, 2010

acting like it's wednesday

i didn't get to post yesterday, but i couldn't ignore it. yesterday was great! school was fine, but everything else was really great. i felt semi- accomplished in all of my classes, i got to go to church and get some stuff done and had lunch with one of my FAVORITES! thank you mrs. kathi! i was dreading my afternoon class, but i tried to think of doing everything in excellence and i drug myself to class! long story short, while i was sitting in class learning about everything i shouldn't be eating i got an e-mail. the e-mail. the one telling me my name was next on the waiting list and i get to go on the double mission trip to africa! i literally screamed, had to apologize to the teacher, and then couldn't sit still for the rest of class. i can't stop smiling even as i type this. so today that is what i am wild about.

my sweet, new, blog-friend whitney started a "wild wednesday" blog post. i am sure i am becoming repetitive, but at least everyone knows my heart is genuine for africa.  today i am wild about africa. when i found out i got to go on both trips i think i told everyone, regardless. this is my trip agenda:
i get to go to "litzemba"celebration on the 16th of july. when that trip is over on the 25th and everyone else leaves, i will stay to wait for the next group to come on the 28th.  while i am there i will get to serve on the medical mission team. WOW! i know nothing about medicine, but it is going to be a blessing. the 28th my mom and the group she is with will arrive and we will be there until the 5th of august! 
i am STOKED! God has truly blessed me! i didn't know if it was going to happen, and it has! i have so much more money to raise, but i know God will provide. people in my church, family, friends, have all been so faithful to me. thank you everyone! 

hope my "wild about africa" post didn't bore anyone or sound redundant. i truly have a heart for this ministry and missions and can't wait! t-shirts should be in today or tomorrow and that is something else that makes me smile! thanks for pretending it was wednesday with me! have a great day! 

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