Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i think my heart is in the shape of africa

wow. it has been a long time. please accept my apology! i am just now home from housesitting for a month and a half and without wireless at the house it was hard to keep up! so much has gone on, so instead of recapping, i am just going with what's going on today! i just got to see a documentary on invisible children and boy once again, africa has changed my life. for those who don't know i am going to be traveling to swaziland africa this summer for heart for africa. i am super pumped and i know that is exactly where God has called me. i am hoping to go on two trips, back to back and i am just trusting God will provide.
in the beginning, my mom and i were planning on going in december, so when we felt like god was calling us this summer, we didn't know what to think. we hadn't raised a dime. thankfully we know we serve a big God, so we knew He wouldn't send us but not provide. we are currently thinking of ideas to raise money and we need to have $1,000 by the END of the month. i am trusting God will provide, so, here goes! i can't wait. sitting in the documentary tonight about children in uganda, once again touched my heart. i am absolutely floored and i am compelled to do something. i know God has huge plans.
a little side-note. i was able to talk to the co-founder of heart for africa and i am going to have the opportunity to teach in africa. i will actually get to utilize my degree in the way i want and i can share the gospel while i am at it. how cool is that?! i can't contain my excitement. for those who have read, God shut my heart to public education, but look what a great deal i got from it!?
on another note, i got a MAC! it is so fun! i have been saving for a long time and let's just say, it paid off completely! i love it! i can't wait to learn all the tricks!
this will sound so obvious, but God has been so faithful. he continues to remind me He is enough to sustain me and he is sovereign. i am learning so much and i am so blessed. girl's bible study is so great and the girls are really learning a lot. if they could only soak up what they are learning at their age, their generation will be changed.
i had such a great weekend with a great friend, becca. we met at murray state through sigma and we were bonded for life. it was great to see her and the weekend was jam-packed full of fun! it was so fun to see her so excited to be here (it made me appreciate cape). we went to lamberts and shogun! let's just say we had plenty of calories over the weekend. i of course took her to andy's and we spent a lot of time just discussing life, and it was an answered prayer! thank you jesus!
i am counting down the days to spring break! only three more! woot! woot! i am ready for a break from school and a little break from work and life in general! i have so many assignments to get done this week, but i know it is going to pay off in the end and it will be worth it! keitha is coming to visit! eeekkk! i haven't seen her since BEFORE thanksgiving! it will be a blast! we are thinking of going on a roadtrip over the weekend! we will see what happens. regardless, we cannot wait to see each other and catch up IN person!
well that's a little to catch up to today. i promise to continue blogging more, like the old days! i got to see some new, young girl's blogs from kelly's korner, and i am hoping to get connected with some great girls! talk soon!

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