Saturday, June 26, 2010

i'm back. kind of.

my apologies first and foremost for disappearing. the summer took me on a whirlwind. i have loved every minute, but i have definitely missed the blogging world. unfortunately, many times this blog doesn't make it on my prioirty list in the grand scheme of things. anyways, i'm back! well, kind of.

for those of you who have read my blog in the past, my trip to africa is coming up! in fact, today i have hit the "teen-mark." only 19 days until i am on a huge plane flying across the atlantic. i am so excited. God has been so faithful in my journey and will continue to as the days grow nearer. i will be journaling my trip while i am over there, so i hope you will come back to enjoy my experience!

my reasoning for randomly deciding "today was the day" is a few things. i have read beth moore's book so long insecurity and it rocked my world (more on that later). also, a huge honor from heart for africa, and i am not reading the book boy meets girl which is absolutely opening my eyes to the "courtship" and dating process in a great, Godly light.

i went to barnes and noble the other day looking for a book and i ran across joshua harris' book boy meets girl. for those who haven't read it, i really encourage it. i feel very enlightened and am excited to view dating and courtship in a different light. in my opinion i feel that dating has became a game. obvious assumption, right? it definitely breaks my heart. sometimes literally. i am still in the "dating game" and it is a frustrating process. as someone who desires a family someday, dating has played a role (and will continue to play a role, unless God tells me otherwise) in my life. this book goes thru the journey of dating aka. courtship and is amazing. i truly feel like the main issue in so many broken hearts and broken relationships lies in the fact that most people don't gaurd the other person's heart anymore. if you think about it, if everyone was interested in the other person's interests and heart, most people and dating situations wouldn't end up the way they do. there is absolutely no cause in this post other than the book. ha. i am not trying to be attacking or rude about dating, because, i think if done right, dating is good.  when people dish out all of their deep information on the first date (or soon after) they are left very vulnerable and their hearts are on the line. i don't believe this is the way God intended dating to be. God wants us to gaurd each other's hearts as brothers and sisters of Christ and if He chooses to lead it down the path of marriage then so be it, if not there is a relationship that can be salvaged as a friendhip.

okay i will "get off" of that subject.

if you haven't read so long insecurity by beth moore, get in your car now and go buy it :) this book is revelational and i believe if every woman opened their hearts to the lessons it teaches, the world would be changed. seriously. she has such a talent and God given lessons everyone can benefit from. i have handed this book out to many people and i plan to start a bible/book study over it in the fall semester. i think women's self-esteem and God-given confidence will start to creep back in after reading this.

as for my huge honor: i have been asked to be a ministry leader for heart for africa. when i started to get involved with this ministry (the ministry i am going to africa with) i was in the "behind the scenes" mindset. i was along for the ride and that was all i needed/wanted. i didn't need to be an instrumental part of anything. i just wanted to lend my hands and feet to God's work. my mom got a call from the president of heart for africa (i have met her once) asking if she thought i would be interested in being a ministry leader. my mom being the great mom she is said "of course." i couldn't believe it! not that i didn't believe it would happen, but the reaction set in when i received the e-mail last night explaining my duties. i ask for you to pray for me as i am seeking God's will in the country of swaziland while i help minister to a church in need. i am not the only person. in fact there will be over 300 people on this trip i ask for you to pray for us all. i was just floored and honored that someone thought i was in a place to lead as well as share the gospel and encouragement to the children of swaziland, africa.

thanks for letting me ramble and "come and go" as i please. ha. i hope you will join me again as i take a venture across the world! be back soon! i promise.

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