Wednesday, July 14, 2010

mixed emotions.

i have said many times before how much i adore the blogging world. i love keeping in touch with the ones i love as well as finding new blogs and making great friends. i am excited today for a whole different reason. i am so glad that i am going to have this blog to track my every thought and emotion as i embark on the trip of a lifetime. i can't believe it's here. africa. i have waited for what seems like years, and tomorrow i will drive to st. louis and i will fly out bright and early on friday. i have my journal and pen in hand. i am ready to write everything down not only so i can remember every detail, but so i can share my experience with the whole world (or atleast my little part of it anyways).

i can honestly say, that today i am nervous. don't get me wrong, i am excited, but the feeling of nervousness (if that's even a word) has taken over. i will be gone for 20 days. i have never been away from "home" for that amount of time and i am freaking out a little. i know God is going to take over completely as He has already done, but my human flesh is psyching my mind out a little.
 things i am nervous about:

  •  being away from home (that's a problem, right? ha)
  • the food
  • not having a cell phone or internet (i know, ridiculous.)
  • not connecting with people
  • the three days i will be there "by myself" during the transition period (in between the two trips)
  • many more. i could go on forever. 
i hope as i look back on this post i will see that God prevailed thru all of those "issues," which i know He will. 

i have so much to get done before i leave. i have been working this week and i underestimated the time i would need to get all my errands done. of course i have ran out of everything i need to take, so a walmart trip is a must (boy, do i dislike that place).  as far as packing goes, i have lots of clothes to pack. i need an outfit for everyday because i won't have a facility to wash clothes in. i am sure i will re-wear a lot of my clothes, but i want to make sure i have plenty. i plan to leave my clothes in africa, so that will make the packing for the way back much easier! 

well i will start my journey tomorrow! i can't wait to share with everyone! i may not be able to write on here while i am there, but be excited for when i get back! (i will be atleast! ha) i will have my camera and flip camera in hand at all times, so there will be many memories to be shared! 

"However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." acts 20:24


  1. CANT WAIT TO HEAR! Saying a prayer for you!!! :) Blessings, Blessings! GOD IS GOING TO RADICALLY SPEAK TO AREAS OF YOUR LIFE THAT YOU NEED TO HEAR -- Eph 3:20

  2. Love that verse! :)