Sunday, November 6, 2011

church and christmas music

today has been a great day so far. sunday is my favorite day of the week for many reasons. i love worshipping corporately with my church family! on my way out of church i had my phone hooked up to my radio and a christmas song came on. i jammed all the way home because it is officially that time of year again! only 49 sleeps until christmas! i can hardly stand it. this is definitely the most wonderful time of the year. 

i went to panera for lunch. i needed to work on tonight's bible study and i am definitely the type of person who must get out of the house to get anything accomplished. this semester i have six girls meeting at my house to work through a bible study together. it has been so amazing and we are learning so much. 

we are going through lady in waiting by jackie kendall and debby jones. 

for those who haven't read this and/or need a girl's bible study, i encourage you to look into this! it has been phenomenal. it is definitely geared towards single girls, but anyone on the road pre-marriage should read it. it includes chapters and questions, but at the end of the chapter there is an in-depth study through the book of ruth to correlate with the chapters. this week's lesson is on purity and again i was amazed by how God is speaking. i feel more prepared for my future mate as i study this book.

also, we are actively seeking out God's will for our group. we know that as christians we have a purpose that involves more than just reading the word. we need to live it out. we adopted a child through compassion and it has been inspiring to see everyone come together to make it happen. also, at today's bible study we are packing shoeboxes. we are very excited to participate as a group in the operation christmas child organization. 

i am sure we will be blaring christmas music while we pack to get into the mood. God is so faithful to provide and i am so thankful to be chosen by Him. the message at church this morning was all about friends and loyalty and i can truly say i have some of the best friends. not only are they fun, i know their hearts are set on things far above this world. thank you Jesus. 

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