Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wild wednesday!

today i am wild about...
i loooove me some sunshine! i think i could possible suffer from seasonal affective disorder! how can you be in a good mood when the weather is yuck?! i love the summer and springtime for this very reason! i can't wait for summer! i get to go to the beach in 17 days! woohooo! i can soak up all the sun i want in the seven days i am there! i can't wait! 
* friends!

i love my friends! spending time with them is the best medication a girl could ask for. i look forward to this summer so i can say "so long" to my school and "hello" to my sweet friends.  i would do anything for them! and they are always there for me! love you!
my summer equals the beach on most occasions! i am counting down until i go! this is my favorite place! this summer i get the opportunity to go to the beach plus as you all know (and are probably sick of hearing) i am going to africa! i get the chance of a lifetime! so summer, you are 15 days away! here i come!!

thanks whitney for thinking of this cute idea! i wish i was better at keeping up with this! ha! 


  1. Hey Danielle! Super cute blog. I love it!!! Thanks for the comment. I am sooo glad that my little world could be an encouragement to you :) Do I see that you are going to Africa? Where M'dear, where?? I went to Uganda 2 summers ago and it changed my world. Let's keep in touch! I am following you now, too!

  2. Hey there, Danielle! I stumbled across your blog through some other! ;-]

    I love me some sunshine, too! Summer could not get here quick enough, that's for sure! Have a blast in Africa! :-]

    Ashley -- ourlovelikeafingerprint.blogspot.com

  3. thank you ashley! i am happy you found my blog! i will be sure to check yours out! how i love the blog world!