Tuesday, April 6, 2010

spring is here!

i hate that it has been so long since i have blogged. :(  my life has gotten so hectic. i have been told more than once in the past month that i have enough to do to keep eight people busy. awesome. i have no life. don't get me wrong, i am SO THANKFUL for everything i have, but i need a vacation! well now that i have bored you to tears, let me continue with something better. 

africa is getting closer!! 100 more days! almost in the double digits. i can't wait! this weekend is our first fundraiser! we are going to have a HUGE garage sale! more than five families are involved and we have a ton of good stuff! any of you who live close, come on by! i still have t-shirts! they have been popular, but i have  a lot more to get rid of! i have been talking about africa a lot more lately and i am not going to lie, i am flipping out! it will rock, so that is all that matters!

on the same note, i have been saving all of my money, and it is NOT fun. i love to shop, so it doesn't mix well.  oh well. i did get to go to target today and it made my day. i needed face wash but of course i looked in the clothing, i mean, who wouldn't? i of course didn't find anything :( but i did get some nail polish to kick of the fabulous spring! i got two different colors and it literally made me so happy! it's the small things that make me happy! i got sally hansen's "mint sprint" and "lively lilac." boy, i love 'em.

on to school. blah. i dislike it MAJOR! ugh! i could go on and on, but to save you the bore, i won't. i did drop a class today. yeah, i know, it's the end of the semester and that's a stupid move. well sort of, but if i didn't want to jeopardize my gpa, that was the only choice i had. it stinks when you have teachers who do not care. thanks semo. oh well. 25 more days. i can't wait! best news ever! 

mom is in vegas partying it up. TOTALLY kidding. she would pee her pants if she knew i said that. she is on a work trip. she had to leave on sunday. yes, EASTER sunday. it was dumb. and yes even though i am almost twenty i did bawl my eyes out when she left. that just made me feel great.  NOT. 

i hope to be back tomorrow with something more relevant and worthy of reading. sorry for the bore and thanks for letting me ramble. at this point, no one is probably reading. HA. i love the blogging world. that's all for now!

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