Tuesday, April 13, 2010

little thoughts.

ahh. housesitting gets me every time. i have been housesitting for the past week and it kills me in the blogging department! sorry! well so much has gone on! i don't even know where to start!

this weekend was my heart for africa garage sale. my friend britt and i asked for donations of old "stuff." we were overwhelmed! it was such a blessing! we had it at a local business here and it was a huge success! between the two of us we made over $1000!! yes, $1000 at a garage sale. i would have to say God had his hand on our fundraiser and he blessed it! thank you Jesus! prior to the garage sale i was definitely discouraged about funding. i had sent out letters and e-mails and i was so worried i couldn't raise the money i needed. worrying, was my first problem. my mom had to go to vegas for her work trip. she hates it! anyways, while she was there janine maxwell, co-founder of heart for africa, was there and the got to talk.  mrs. janine just prayed with my mom and in the course of this week i was given over $1000! God is so big.

last night, joe white came to cape! if you haven't ever heard him speak, you are missing out! he gave his pure excitement talk! over 600 teenagers came to cape to listen and it was AMAZING. he definitely has a gift for teenagers! God moved in that room last night! it was great! check out the website!

i am watching the classic gone with the wind as i write. i am sad to say i haven't watched this before! isn't that awful! i have to watch it for class and i am intrigued by the fun clothes and lifestyles they had. i don't know if i could have lived that way for long, but i do think it would be fun to try it for a while! :)

i am craving a shopping trip. is that possible? with my "spending freeze" for africa i haven't bought anything in a long time. i should be completely fine. i am sure part of this is a lesson from God, but i am not sure i am liking it :) i know, i am pathetic, but for a girl who loves to shop, it is tough! okay, i'll stop complaining.

i am loving catching up on my blog-reading. so many things have gone on since i have been "gone" i am getting some great ideas! i hope to be better as summer comes closer!  i can't wait!

a shout out to alana! i now have one of my t-shirts in canada! thank you girl! your donation is helping me take the trip of a lifetime! thank you!!!


  1. I really want to buy a t-shirt! Just let me know how! So excited to hear that your funds are coming together... God will do immeasurably more than we can imagine!
    Grace and Peace,

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't seen Gone With the Wind! Apparently, I really need to do that!