Monday, April 26, 2010


this weekend was ahhmmaazzinggg! i spent the weekend with some of my favorite ladies from church in branson! it was a blast! i was the youngest on the trip, but it was great to see all the other women and hear from them. plus i got to spend the weekend with my momma. we had a blast. let's seeee....
big daddy weave led worship. awesome.
kay arthur drove home the question "are you ready to meet your God." wake up call. 
candace cameron: adorable, humble, great speaker.
donna gaines: inspirational.
anita renfroe: hilarious.
 wow it was an amazing weekend! it was the perfect timing and i could go back in heartbeat. i got to know some new people and i loved every minute of it. women of joy: you rocked my world. thanks.

i am almost half way to my raising complete funds for africa! i have about a month left. i am trying not to freak out. i have complete assurance God is going to provide as He has already promised so i am sure he is just sitting up there laughing at me. He has got it all in control. thank you Lord. i am so excited and am starting to prepare for my trip. i am trying to think of everything i am going to need and wanting to take!

sunday is finally sassy shots! i haven't wrote or talked about this at all! bella bambino, a local studio in town, is doing a shoot called sassy shoots. it's an all-inclusive shoot! my bestie mara and i are going to do this together and we can't wait! we get our hair styled, clothes to wear, and make-up done and there is even food! woohoo! it will be so much fun! i have had a picture done by sheri before! she is amazing at what she does! she did a conceptual shoot called "words in ashes." we were supposed to choose a word that describes our relationship with Christ or something along those lines. this shoot was done around ash wednesday so the word was written in ashes on our foreheads. the shoot was amazing.

i can't wait to post our pictures from the next shoot! they are very fun and sassy! not only do we do get all of the "stuff" listed above, we get the rights to our pictures! it's a great deal! to say the least i am pumped! 

i am down to two weeks left of school! i can see the end in sight but it still seems so far away. i need an encouragement to work-out and do my best to eat better! i do not want sympathy, but i do not feel confident and the only way i can feel that way is if i do something for myself. any tips or ideas that worked for you!?

i hope tomorrow i will have time to do something fun i saw on whitney's blog! i loved reading about her today and they were great questions! i'm so glad i am back on track! i am thinking of a fun series to start! i can't wait! any ideas!?

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