Tuesday, May 4, 2010

just a thought.

- it should be illegal to stay up all  night long studying/homework. dear summer, come quick!
- my luggage came in and it just places me that much closer to my summer of a lifetime! i am pumped!
- i am having mixed emotions about the oil spill. sounds awful, right? the animals and businesses that are suffering break my heart, but i would love to be able to spend a week on the beach in 11 days!
- please check out my new ria's africa video here. it will touch your heart.
- my "pool" is warming up! :)
-starbucks iced white chocolate mocha brightens my day!
-downfall of summer: shaving my legs on a regular basis. ha! don't judge:)
- check out one of my new favorite songs: help me rediscover you.

just thought i would share these small thoughts that were on my mind. i just love the blogging world!


  1. I love this blog of yours. Following you now!

  2. thanks missy! i will definitely be checking out yours! and of course mrs. ria!