Sunday, May 2, 2010

summer is near

anyone else afraid of storms?! i am terrified. do you know how many watches/warnings we have had for tornadoes and storms!? too many to count. do you know how many times i have slept in my mom's bed?! every night. do you know how old i am?! about to turn 20! and no i am not ashamed. i am just a baby and i  don't mind! the LORD knows i need someone in my life that can take care of me in that sense. i am sure. :)

today was sassy shoots! i am sure no one cares, but i do! ah. that is horrible! but it was so fun! i was freaking out prior too, but once i got there everything was taken care of! it was so fun! i can't wait to share my photos! we got professional haircare and makeup! talk about feeling pampered! it was great! i even got to wear false eyelashes! soooo fun! 

i have so much homework to get done. i am dreading every minute of it, but hoping that the end of the semester is going to keep me motivated.  only 11 days! sorry for the continual countdown. it literally keeps me going. i bought the book "so long insecurity" by beth moore! i can't wait to read this and truly study what beth moore and most importantly the bible has to say about being insecure. i think this book is going to be so great!

so i know God has perfect timing, but sometimes it's not so easy to trust that. ha. that is just honesty speaking. i am on this kick of wanting to know the future. is this good/bad? i don't know, i just want to know. i am a girl. i need a plan. i just want to know what it looks like and i know that's not how it works. if i knew all of those answers i wouldn't need my Jesus, and i want my Jesus, but it's tough. i am ready for the future, or so i think. ha.

last week of class this week! i have a mound....mountain, of laundry to put up. ever dread the "nightly" routines of washing your face and all of that jazz. i am feeling that right now. let's see if i get out of bed!

"every promise of God's is built on four pillars.  the first two are His justice and holiness, which will never allow Him to deceive us.  the third is His grace or goodness, which will not allow Him to forget. and the fourth is His truth, which will not allow Him to change, which enables Him to accomplish what He has promised" streams of the desert. 

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