Saturday, May 1, 2010

sweet weekend.

the weekend is here! or should i say it was here yesterday!? it has been soo busy! i am ready for a break! and summer is getting closer. 12 days until i am home free for a while! while i am on the subject of sweet summer, let me ask the blogging world. has anyone been to destin lately? or heard about the news down there? is the oil spill affecting that area. i really hate to sound like this. really, i do, but i will be devastated if i go to florida and i can't enjoy the beach because of the tragic oil spill.  i am currently on a quest to see if God really doesn't want me to go to florida. ha. this will be the seventh trip i have planned to florida in the past two years. if this one fails like all the others, i will know God has spoken. lol. God, please don't speak in that way. thanks, danielle. 

okay, i should stop. 

as cliche as this sounds, my mom is the best mom in the world. hands down. (unless it's your mom. i don't want to offend anyone). she has been so gracious and helpful to me during these tough weeks and i couldn't think her enough! i am glad vacay will be spent with her! love you mom. 

in case you are curious, i want toms! i have wanted toms for sooooo long! i think i am going to splurge and get some. toms aren't exactly expensive, but when you are saving every penny for a trip, a sandwich is expensive. trust me. here are a few i like. does anyone have toms?
i get to get my sassy shoots tomorrow!! whooooohooooo! i can't wait! i can't wait to share them with everyone! hope i can find something to wear!! eeeeek! 

so africa and my birthday are approaching fast!! i can't wait! i asked for luggage for my birthday. i thought that was appropriate! i looked high and low. luggage is expensive. this is not in the budget. anyways, after searching for quite a while, i found some! on overstock.com. check it out! 

don't you love it!? well, i do! ha. i guess that is all that matters! not that i needed this, but the price was great and i didn't own luggage of my own, so vacation and africa....here i come! get this, all 5 pieces shipped for $2.95! it's on it's way here! can't wait! 

i have a girl's night planned with emily tonight! i can't wait! we are doing the normal girl's stuff. watching movies (chick flicks of course), painting nails, stuffing our face. should be great! 

"However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." acts. 20.24

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