Wednesday, May 5, 2010

oh how he loves us.

disclaimer: this may be deep. bare with me. 

my love for Jesus grew so much when i left for college. i went to school in kentucky my first year and i was one of three people from my graduating class to go to school there. eeek. it didn't terrify me at all until i was literally by myself in a foreign world. i clung to my only hope during that time, Christ's love. not that my mom and friends weren't supportive, but when i was all by myself i had Jesus and his holy promises to hold me over until the next trip home.

throughout that year i grew and studied more than i ever had before. sad, right? well it's true. it's funny when you have nothing you cling to him because you know He is your only hope, but when you are all fine-and-dandy, you don't even think twice! anyways, Jesus became a priority in my life. not just my church on sunday and activities throughout the week.  sometimes i catch myself wondering if it was a good idea i came home. i couldn't wait for my last final at murray because i knew my mom was waiting and we'd be going home, for good. don't get me wrong, i missed some of the greatest people ever, but i knew i could go back and see them.

now that i am at home i am overwhelmed. i love, love, love my church family and being back in my niche, but geeeeze i don't have any time. that is totally my fault. my number one flaw is the inability to say "no." it's like my mouth is afraid to taste those words. ha. anyways, my priorities are out of whack and i am truly missing Jesus. i am involved in every church activity and i love it, but it's not getting me my "jesus fix." (i probably shouldn't speak like it's drugs, but you get me) i am burnt out with all the activities. i want my Jesus back. 

let's just say i am stoked for summer so i can spend time with my savior. i wish more than anything i would have gotten my priorities in a row, before i had to wish for the semester to be over. i shouldn't have this problem. take the time to spend time with the creator of the universe. he loves you. i'll leave with this quote from streams of the desert:

"earnestly desire to get alone with God. if we neglect to do so, we not only rob ourselves of a blessing but rob others as well, since we will have no blessing to pass on to them.it may mean less visible work, but people will see 'no one but Jesus'."

listen to this song. truly listen to it.

i know this isn't exactly what anyone wanted to hear, but i needed to write this down and this was the place i could do it best. thanks for bearing with me. 


  1. Your honesty is SO real and I love that. I hear you... on this... BIG time... WOW! How easy it is to get caught up in "good" things but not "God" things. Keep the truth coming. It is good for my soul!

  2. you are the best! thanks so much! i enjoy that i have the opportunity to be honest and real on here so i definitely appreciate the response!