Tuesday, October 12, 2010

africa day eight.


July 23, 2010 
today was the day. litsemba. swaziland's first christian celebration and it was being held in the national stadium. 

we were prepared for fifteen thousand children. blankets and hats were collected/made from around the world. sweet people from the US, canada, taiwan and many other places knitted and bought thousands of supplies to make this event possible. every child walking thru the gate of the stadium received a blanket, sock cap, bible and warm dinner.  

the event was amazing. to say the least. there were over eight thousand children there. ahhhhh-mazing. the king was there with some wives of his. yes, wiveS. (every anniversary he gets a new wife. romantic, huh?) the LORD was there and His presence filled the arena. skits, music, and preaching were all centered around our savior all available for these precious children who have nothing. it was a piece of history and i was honored to be a part of it. i got to see my church there and our team sat with them thru the events. out of complete coincidence God the band played happy day (the song we taught our church) and they went crazy! they were the only ones who knew it and they jumped up and did all the motions. it was one of the greatest moments of the trip! the day was so long, but so worth it. big things are happening here.

 it was the last dinner with my group. i literally could have cried. it is awesome how much we have bonded. we are like a family and i couldn't have been more blessed. we had a great dinner and got to share lots of laughter and memories. i am kind of starting to think i like them. 

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