Tuesday, October 12, 2010

africa day ten.

july 25, 2010

ahhh. a day of rest. thank you Jesus. i woke up this morning to send team cape off *tear*. it was sad to see them go, but i was excited to get started with my next endeavor. i uploaded all my pictures (so far) on my laptop and edited some. it was very refreshing and very relaxing. i actually got to take a nap which was so needed. today was a perfect day to recharge and rest in the arms of my Savior. the trip has been great so far i can't imagine having enough room in my heart for another week! ahhhh! but i'm more than excited and ready to take it on. i went to a meeting about the next few days. i am tagging along with the medical group. two doctors serving here in swaziland spoke and it was amazing. i have to admit i wasn't really looking forward to it, but boy, did the Lord show me. they spend their time serving in this country doing medical missions and sharing the gospel. it was absolutely amazing to hear. 
during my time with the medical team i will be a "teacher" for the kids while they wait to go see the doctor. i am just going to use this time to love on these precious children. i am so excited. i feel so spoiled getting all sides of the trip. i am definitely blessed. i can't wait to get started! 

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