Friday, October 29, 2010

africa-day twelve

 July 27, 2010

       We went to a new place today for the medical clinic. When we pulled up it was a school. My heart melted. I couldn’t wait to see what a swazi school looked like.  After unloading I took the opportunity to walk around. Every teacher was so open to let me come in and look around. Not only could I look around, but I could help her in her classroom.  Since my major is in education I was definitely in my element and I couldn’t have been happier.  The first grade class I sat in for a while sang me their ABC’s and told me their shapes and colors.  It was such a blessing. 
outside of school
third grade classroom
teacher's area
singing their abc's :)
third grade classroom. their teacher was 23!

I asked someone what happens when children don’t go to school and she replied “we don’t have that problem.” Education in swaziland is valued and every child wants to go. This touched my heart so much. I have been struggling with the hardships of teaching and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue teaching, but this gave me a new perspective and I am so excited to view my education in a different way. I helped with registration later in the afternoon and I had help with an interpreter who was a teacher at the school. He was 23 years old (pictures above) and he had went to the university in Swaziland.  I got to go look at his classroom and it definitely was humbling.  He was so thankful to have a place for the students to sit.  He didn’t care about anything else.  The day was long, but so worth it. We saw over 140 people and got to help many people who wouldn’t have had it otherwise.  I am so thankful to have a part of that. I hung out with Amanda and Jamie tonight and we had a blast.  I have LOVED getting to meet new people and have the opportunity to build life long relationships. I am definitely excited to keep in touch.  

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