Tuesday, October 12, 2010

africa day nine.

July 24, 2010

i woke up early this morning to eat breakfast with my group before they left. no lie. i was bumming. it was so sad to see them go, but i know we will see each other soon. we are already planning a trip.

after they left, the rest of the group wen to see project canaan. it. was. absolutely. gorgeous. canaan is the land john bardis (mom's ceo) bought. it is in swaziland and it was bought to build a self-sustaining land. it is 2500 acres of pure beauty. when it is all said and done there will be crops (corn, coffee, fruit, dairy, timber, etc.), a baby home (currently being built), a children's home, a school, technical school, and much more for the people of this country to run. all profits will go back to project canaan to help continue the self-sustainibility. what a great sense of accomplishment for the people of this country. 
plans for baby home "el roi" (the God who sees) in memory of jared birk.
while driving up the mountain (for real, mountain) precious sarah hit her tooth (when the jeep hit a bump) and chipped it. that awesome girl took it like a champ. she made jokes and owned that sweet smile. i can't imagine being that calm and secure at fourteen. thankfully the medical team was here so with a few homeade tools her tooth was fixed in no-time. what a blessing. 
the rest of the day we just wandered canaan and relaxed. it was a great day of rest! 

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