Wednesday, August 11, 2010

africa-day 2

july 17, 2010

weird to think it's now day two and i am still on the plane. the plane ride is tooo long. i was not meant to sit still for this long. we are staying in johanesburg for the night and the hotel is beautiful. we are eating pizza tonight and sleeping. tomorrow we will leave for swaziland. i can't wait to get there. as i sit here and write this i am so thankful for everything i have. i take advantage of the fact i can sit in a warm/safe building (it is cold here) and eat great food. i am so blessed. i haven't even seen poverty and i can honestly say i have never needed anything. my life is so great. we leave tomorrow morning at 6:30. we have a five hour bus ride :( oh well. it will be soo worth it.