Wednesday, August 11, 2010

africa-day one

july 16, 2010

leaving home wasn't too hard. i knew i would have contact with my mom and i was so excited to get there. i spent the night with britt so we wouldn't have to get up so early. saying "bye" was much easier than i expected. the plane to d.c. is TINY. i am setting next to this adorable girl! of course, i don't meet a stranger so we started talking.  she is a flight medic which was so interesting to learn about. she definitely inspired me.  we got to talk for a while. it definitely helped calm my nerves (if you are reading, thank you). while talking she old me she wanted to go to africa so i got to share what heart for africa is all about.  it was great! i gave her my blog address so she could read my journal entries, so if you are reading hope you are doing great! after arriving in d.c. britt and i ate at chipotle and goofed around for a few hours until our plane started boarding. as i got on the plane "freaking out" would be an understatement. i am sitting right above the wing. the plane is huge. i mean, big as africa huge. even though i am freaking out, i am definitely excited. i have always loved the traveling, airport, plane feeling. i love feeling like a jetsetter. ridiculous? maybe, but i am okay with it. 

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  1. Danielle! Talk about inspiration...you, my friend may have been an EXTREME way that God is calling my heart to missions. For a really long time I have wanted to go to Africa, but since I sat in that terminal in St. Louis, wishing I could talk to one of those inspirational ladies in the black tees, and then was so LUCKY to have ended up next to perhaps the most INSPIRATIONAL one of all, God is calling me in a HUGE way to help. From an amazing church I've found in DC to Janine's books (which I've started reading), and of course, the stalking I've done to your blog- I feel - and HOPE- God wants to use me in BIG ways. So I thank you for being an inspiration to ME. Please don't stop blogging about your trip! I would also love to chat with you... my e-mail is Jaysa.Cecil@yahoo.com or please FaceBook me! I'm hoping and planning to go next summer with Heart For Africa so every bit can help! Hope to talk to you soon
    -Jaysa (the girl you met on that tiny rickety plane)