Thursday, August 12, 2010

africa-day three

July  18, 2010

 the bus ride today is five hours. kill me now. i do not do well sitting still and after being on a plane for 18 hours, this is the last thing i want to do. oh well. it's all in the process of getting to where i want to be. for anyone who knows me, i can make anything fun, and with britt along it will be a breeze. we had to get out of the bus when we got to the border. it was crazy. we walked thru "no man's land" until we reached the border of swaziland. it was a fun experience. 

on the way to swaziland.

we finally got to the hotel and it is soo nice. too nice. i can't believe i get to stay in something this nice when children here are sleeping outside. tonight we had an orientation. they briefed us on a lot of different aspects of the trip. i was happy they did this. one of the things they told us was that at dinner and breakfast we could eat as much as we wanted (we are in a starving country) but we could no leave anything on our plates.  wow. i don't even know how to grasp it and i am still in the comfort of this hotel.   i have learned so much today and i haven't even left the hotel. the culture is so different, i am grasping a new appreciation for where i am from. tomorrow is the first day of camp litsemba! i cant wait to see the kids! 7:30 am.....here i come! 

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