Monday, August 23, 2010

africa-day seven

july 22, 2010

peace, love, safari! woot, woot! today we went on the safari and we got to go shopping at the candle factory and market! it was so fun and well needed! we slept in a little and headed to the safari ground. i went with kelli and amber! we of course had a blast! we saw lots of animals. about twenty min after we were out our jeep got a flat tire! our driver was calm as a clam (i don't know if that is a correct statement. ha). but before he changed it he jumped on top of the jeep to see if there were any deadly animals around! then he asked us to be on the look-out! although it was quite hilarious, it was pretty scary. 

saw impalas, antelope, elephants, rhinos, hippos, vultures, warthogs, and giraffes! we actually got to get out of the jeep and get real close to the giraffes! it was awesome. God made some gorgeous animals!

sweet friends <3

after the safari we went to a market and the swazi candle factory! it was awesome! all the candles are hand dyed and sculpted! they were great!  there was an open market right outside of the factory too! the day was awesome and a perfect "relaxer" from a crazy week, but sitting still for six hours was not my thing, right kellie?! tomorrow is litsemba! yayaya!

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  1. i just found your blog and i must say i am quite jealous of your african adventure! what a great experience!!!