Thursday, August 12, 2010

africa-day four

july 19, 2010

today was the first day in the community. wow. that is all i can say (well you know me i might have a little to say). the experience was awesome, heart-wrenching, humbling, and a blessing. i cried a few times for sure. it was hard to take in, yet so exciting to start. we traveled an hour to what might have taken 20 min to drive here in the u.s. the roads were terrible(scary. dirt), but we made it there nonetheless.  
we were greeted by two men who helped us get in the church. the church's name is The Church of God of Prophecy. it is a one room church that is absolutely charming. this church has got it goin' on let me tell ya (i have a southern accent here).  people started coming out of their homes with tools in hand ready to help us plant a garden for their community. as we were placing the poles in the ground i saw a girl running down the mountain. yes, mountain. it's gorgeous. as she made her way to me we did "the" handshake and i asked her what her name was. after saying it she realized her new dumb american friend (that's me) had no clue how to say it, she said "you can call me princess." oh how i adore her spunk and yes she did rock that name alllll day long as i am sure she will tomorrow.
Church of God of Prophecy
working on the garden with rafael and travis
all of the girls from the team with princess(to the left of me) and her friend
captured this while working on the garden.
does it steal your heart, because it does mine. 

i have away every piece of my lunch because these people only have one meal a day. maybe two. i have been reminded, yet again, i have never experienced hunger before nor have i ever experienced need. ever. the children started running down the fields at two when school got out. they were stoked to be there. we did our bible school and got to bless them (and when i say them i mean me) with a few gifts. we tie-dyed shirts with them, gave them each a silly band, fed them a snack, and shared the love of our Savior. wow. i have never experienced a more rewarding day. the Lord filled my empty spirit and all i want is more time with them. 

when we left to head back "home" we took the pastor to his home. he walks to his church on a regular basis and it is atleast 15 miles away. he walks. i can't imagine anyone in america doing that (sorry if that is judgmental). overall, the day was great. i am so thankful and can't wait to go back. 

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