Friday, August 13, 2010

africa-day five

july 21, 2010

overslept this morning! oops! after eating breakfast we went back to our church. the numbers had multiplied(just as we were promised). people were waiting next to the garden eager to start. they couldn't wait to put the seedlings out. as i walked towards the garden two little girls walked up to kelli and i. they were touching us and holding their arms up. they wanted some love (something we all take for granted). while kelli and i took the role of caregivers (don't let me fool you, we loved it). we found out that the two girls parents had died, leaving them as double orphans. i couldn't help but tear up. these precious babies were sick and dirty and the only thing they asked for was love. and yes, i definitely asked if i could bring them home with me. 
our child care service <3
my precious "spikey"
love this baby girl with all my heart
our group that planted the garden. 
planting hope.
as the kids came at two i had music playing and i got to lead worship. i was so honored. i had an ipod and ipod speakers(best. invention. ever.). i played "happy day" by fee. the kids adored it. i taught them some hand motions and by the end of the day they were singing to me. after we sang that song i taught them "Jesus loves me" and they loved it. they all learned it and sang it in english
(time #2 i bawled). 
our circle. singing jesus loves me.
we taught about zaccheus today. the bible study was great. we split the groups and i had the privilege of being with duck, duck, goose. although the children didn't quite understand they loved it. about fifteen min in brandon stood up and asked the children who wanted to invite Jesus in their heart. he asked them to come forward if they wanted too. after every child stood up, brandon asked some questions to see if they truly understood what we were asking them. they answered all the questions in both english and siswati. i got the chills. brandon then led them in prayer. as i stood and listened to forty children pray in our language and their own my heart was filled with joy. it was now that i started the shoulder shaking, tears pouring, ugly cry. i contained myself while the kids were around because i didn't want them to think i was sad. it was by far the most amazing thing i have experienced. the days just keep getting better. God is so alive in this place. i see Jesus in all these precious people's faces and smiles. God is working in swaziland.

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  1. Finally found your blog :) I didn't mean to take so long to come visit!!
    Ours is www.casselljourneytoafrica.blogspot.com
    Hope things are going well!
    Grace & Peace,
    Kirstin (from the 2nd 1/2 of your Heart for Africa trip!)