Sunday, December 13, 2009

happy sunday!

how wonderful to live in a country where i can spend sundays in my wonderful church. brother mark spoke on the prophecies of the old testament. WOW! it was amazing! our god is so good and so big! i enjoyed every bit of it. as we enter in the christmas season my heart is filled with delight. it is my absolute favorite time of year! our savior was born to save our sins! how cool is that?! as much as i am delighted, my heart hurts for those not as fortunate. at this time of year we take so many things for granted. as i have been praying for what my part in this could be, god has placed a mission trip on my heart. as many know my mom jumped on a plane to fly 18 hours this summer to go to swaziland,africa. she went with an organization called heart for africa. i wanted to go so bad, but didn't feel god was calling me at that time. i now feel completely different. god has called me on a trip to africa next year. i will be leaving the day after christmas and think my life will be changed and my vision of christmas will be completely different. my prayer request for those who have read is to pray for god to provide financially for this trip, it will take a lot of saving. and for those who know me...i am not particularly good at this.:)
well finals are this week. one more semester down. i officially have two years left. i will graduate in december of 2011. i am VERY excited and ready to be finised with school. i can't wait for christmas! have a great week!

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