Thursday, December 31, 2009

one step at a time

today is a new day. our heavenly father is still on the throne, so i must continue to praise him for all he is worth. i am still shocked at how my "life" at this point, has taken a turn i never expected. i had everything all figured out and then bam, all has changed. as much as i want to stand at this "grave" of life i have to move on, because it would not be fair, or right, for me to stay at this rut. brother mark spoke on this last sunday. i must move forward. there will be many "graves" in my life. breakups, heartache, death, stress are just a few, but if i become paralyzed by these, my life will slowly lose its meaning. my purpose on this earth is not to bring glory to my name. my purpose is to win hearts for christ and bring glory to his name and nothing else matters.

today is new year's eve. i can't believe tomorrow marks the start of a new year. boy, am i ready. bring on the new beginning. i have my eyes on Him and my focus is set and ready on the next step he wants me to take. i have two years left of school! i can NOT wait to be done. i am so glad i am able to have this time off from school, i don't want to go back, but the sooner i go the sooner i am done! i have had a great break so far, so i am excited what god will do with the last two weeks.

i am off to some friends for the new year's season. i hope everyone has a great time tonight. be SAFE! god bless and i hope everyone is ready and excited for what god will do with their new year!

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