Saturday, December 12, 2009

so I gave in...

I have to admit I have been slightly addicted to reading other people's blog so I gave in. I decided to start my own. I don't have as many exciting topics to talk about such as kids or marriage, but I like the idea of keeping in touch with the ones I love. The idea of starting a blog is easy, its the name that's the hard part! I spent a LONG time contemplating what a good, worthy name would be. "to see HIS glory revealed" kept coming up, so here it is! I hope everyone enjoys.
I have to say I am quite fond of my blog's name! :) I hope when others see me they do see HIS glory revealed. I am so passionate about my beliefs and values and hope this blog can reach others for Christ.
A little about myself before I spill my life to anyone who chooses to "follow" me. I am a hopeless romantic and I am working to achieve this someday. I am in LOVE with my Lord and Savior. My goal in life is to bring glory to his name. I am super close to the family I have and I would do anything for them. I am so glad I got the opportunity to come back home to go to school closer to them. I suffer from a disease called retailed therapy. Regardless of what anyone says, its real. :) I love kids. I am going to school to receive my degree in Elementary Education so I can spend my life surrounded by kids. I want to be a mommy when I grow up. :) I love to sing. I sing in the shower. I sing in the car. I think about singing. I have a Hello Kitty obsession. I obtained this as a young child and it hasn't ever left. I love to dance! I can't dance, but I love it! I love food. People assume I don't eat based on my wonderful appetite God has blessed me with, but I love food. I have a sweet cat and she is practically my child. Her name is Lacey and as weird as it sounds, its teaching me the ins and outs of motherhood, right mom? Speaking of mom, she IS my best friend. God has truly blessed me with the world's greatest mom hands-down. I love fashion. I have a slight jealousy to those who can spend their life savings on beautiful clothing, but I have been told I am a smart shopper, not cheap. I am quite emotional. I think its great, others...not so much. I believe the best love story comes from the bible and its my absolute favorite because I am in it! I love music. Its a great therapy. I secretly wish I could write songs. Good lyrics are like a great poem, but you can sing it! I adore photography and pictures. I wish I took more pictures, but I cherish the ones I have. I hated high school and assumed I would love college. I don't. I am ready to move on and start a life. Not to wish my life away at all, but school is NOT my thing. I love to dress up, but there isn't anything better than a pair of sweatpants and a ponytail. It makes it especially easy to dress like this when your friends and family love you regardless. I have a tattoo on my wrist. It says "phillipians 4:13."It means a ton to me. The story of telling my mom is priceless. I want to get another one, but I don't have a good reason as of now. Spring and Fall are my favorite. Not to Hot. Not to Cold. Christmastime is my FAVORITE time of year though. What an exciting time to worship Jesus!
Well there you have it. A little about the author of this blog. I am excited about my life and hope everyone enjoys learning a little more about me. Enjoy!

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