Thursday, December 17, 2009

sweet surprises

i missed writing yesterday! lots has gone on! i got to go to lunch with my mom yesterday to celebrate christmas break and to congratulate the fact i survived after nineteen hours! woo! i am so glad that is over! we went to heavenly ham, which happens to be one of my faves because they have my favorite, jones soda!!:) i savored it down to the last drink! prior to going to lunch i got a phone call from jordan who informed me "he was sure i needed to go home before i went to lunch." much to my surprise when i got home i saw a trail of hershey kisses to my bedroom! how sweet, right?! you can enjoy the pictures!
i got to enjoy some great spiritual advice and some future advice as well with some great friends! it was much needed and VERY exciting! god is so good! he always knows when to put the right people in your path!
my challenge to anyone who reads. i can't be the one to "coin" this challenge but my friend chad has started it and i think its great!
drive-thru challenge: next time you are at a drive-thru pay for the person behind you! on my favorites tab you can get to the little paper to leave with their order to explain to them what you are doing. but even if you can't print that off, leave a note to explain its just because. no strings attached. that you just want to share the light of jesus. it's such a blessing!
i spent a LONG day at work today and i have another one tomorrow! i love my life and the fact i can enjoy everything because i am god's child. if god is on my side, whom shall i fear?
things i love:
christmas shopping
sweet surprises
god's blessings
heavenly father
things i don't:
being away from sweet friends
unstable family
bad hair days
long days at work

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