Monday, December 14, 2009

hello finals.

what a college kid lives for...finals week. it marks the end of a semester and it always welcomes a break. i had two finals today and thankfully i only have one more in-class final. by the grace of god my math final went GREAT! this semester has been so tough. transferring home from murray caused me to lose many credits and i had to tackle a nineteen hour schedule this week. on top of all of that i was working four jobs. god pulled me thru it and i am now at the end of the tunnel. my history class has been my least favorite but god is always working and blessed me with a final close to my heart. the topic? "does christianity matter?" i think instead of struggling to get four pages someone will have to tell me to shut up!
as mentioned before christmastime is the BEST time of year! its my all time favorite. as christmas rolls around it is easy to get caught up in all the "hussle and bussle." this year i have spent a lot of time thinking of how important family is and how we all need to cherish the ones around us. i have struggled with a relationship with my dad for ten years. it was just three months ago when i decided to stop communicating with him. i spoke with my pastor who explained to me and gave biblical reasoning why my situation was "okay." i was so glad to have that off my chest and now that i finally do i miss that part that actually was never there. it is now i realize i have the best dad there ever was, jesus christ, my heavenly father. although i miss my dad and love him, until the situation gets better i have to stick with where i am at.
most exciting part of the day....my best friend mara sent me a link today. when i saw the zales title, i expected she was sending me a new picture of the engagement ring she has picked out. much to my surprise...an ENTIRE line of hello kitty jewelry. you can guess what made my christmas list:)
well i must tackle my paper in the morning so its off to bed. cherish the ones you love and use every opportunity to share the story of christ. he died the most horrible death for every person so it is the least we can do. ELEVEN MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! i can't wait!

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