Sunday, December 27, 2009


it has been so long! whew! christmas was fantastic! celebrating at church to help remember the real season for christmas was wonderful. how great that we have god to think for sending his son to this earth to save us from our sins. i enjoyed christmas with my immediate family as well as some time with jordan and his family. i got some great gifts! i got a memory foam mattress cover which is absolutely great! why spend thousands on an actual bed when you can get a cover that feels ust like it! i have slept better in the past two days than i have in a long time. its SO hard to get out of bed in the morning! (i definitely recommend them!) i also got a wii fit! i thought i would love it, which i do, but it was too depressing for christmas morning! :) getting on that thing did NOT make me happy! but they are fun so it was good! as i am writing right now i am enjoying another gift i got from my lovely brother....THE GOLDEN GIRLS SEASONS! i love them! i can't stop watching them! they are too funny! maybe someday i will have some great girls to grow old with!
i got to see my best friend on saturday which was LONG overdue! she came and picked me up and we went to panera! delicious as always! we had some GREAT conversation, right mara? the future is coming fast and i am so excited! we are one in the same and it was so great to have a best friend back me up and support everything, like always! we went shopping and could barely stand the crowds (and we love to shop)!
i also got hair extenstions! i am so nervous to wear them, but i am so excited to try them out! i think it will be so fun to beable to have short AND long hair whenever i want. a little piece of heaven here on earth:)
today was great like everyday. brother mark spoke on moving forward which really hit home, but it was so good to hear. i enjoyed every bit of it. he did something different today when he opened up the microphone to anyone who wanted to share what god has done in their lives, in the "moving forward" transition. it was a blessing to hear everyone being so transparent to our church family. god IS so good! god is doing so much in my life and blessing are raining down! our god is a big god and a great god! brother gary, lynwood's music minister, turned in his letter of resignation today based on god's calling to tampa, florida. although he will be missed greatly, we will always remember him and love him for everything he has done for our church. god bless his sweet family! my FAVORITE part of today was hanging out with two sweet friends! andrea, alyssa, and myself met at barnes and noble, and we talked and talked for two hours! i LOVED it! its so great to have friends you can trust and know will support you through anything. we talked about a lot and laughed about even more!
i am off ALL week long and am excited to relax and enjoy some down time! god bless everyone reading and sorry for the long post!

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