Sunday, December 20, 2009

sigh of relief :)

school is out and the pressure is off. its fantastic! the only pressure i have left is grades! they come out on tuesday and so far the classes i see, i have "a's" in! I can't wait to see if all of the hard work paid off! i am so glad i no longer have to take 19 hours! woohoo!
christmas is getting closer! i am so excited! i have been working like crazy! i will also be working every day this week! i am not looking forward to it! but a few days of for christmas will be so great! i can't wait to see the family i only get to see once a year!
on saturday i got to eat home-cooked breakfast thanks to my sweet boyfriend and mom! i also got a new haircut which was great because it was well needed as well as it felt good to have a fresh new cut. i love it. i also got to have some fun with great people at jordan's christmas party! it was so fun! we got to see some great video footage on the great things happening in the "men at the cross" minsitry. along with all the struggles they have seen, so many people have been touched!
i got to enjoy a great lunch with my sweet grandparents today. after i found out she bought the same thing for my mom as i did, for christmas, i went out to the mall, (crazy i know) and bought her something great! i will share the new, fun idea after christmas is over, because she might be reading:) while i was shopping i found the cutest kiosk! it was full of beautiful home decor pieces filled with bling! i loved it all! i purchased a few pieces, but i aslo asked for some of the pieces to be placed in my hope chest! the kiosk was called "crystal cowgirl." if i find a link for it i will put it on here next time i write!
i have got to have many fun, as well as serious talks about the future, and as my best friend knows, i love to talk about this. i love my life now, but i can't wait for the future. i unfortunately still have two years of school left. if i could graduate tomorrow i would do it in a hearbeat! i am so done with school. i am on my knees daily about school and the future and i am going to follow god's will always so we will see what happens, and no i am not dropping out of school, mom.
i'm going to church in a little bit to hear mom speak on her "africa experience." i can't wait until i get to experience what she has experienced! 371 days!

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