Sunday, January 3, 2010

saved by god's grace

wow..how you think you know someone. i have litterally been saved by god's grace. thank you jesus. i will continue to remember my motto "NO guy is worth your tears and the one who is, won't make you cry."

on a WAY more important note, i am loving the lessons god has taught me. my life is awesome and i am so excited for what god has for me in the months and days to come. through the things god has taught me through my life god continues to whisper "I am enough." it is so important to remember that. he has also continued to tell me "you are so worthy." the god of the universe thinks I am worthy, who cares if no one else thinks i am! but i think god will bless me in his time in ways i can't even imagine right now!

"charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the LORD will be praised."
proverbs 31:30

i still have two weeks left of christmas break! how awesome! i still have time to gear up for school, relax, and visit with great friends. i am going to be taking a trip to lexington, kentucky next weekend to visit my best friend from Murray! i can't wait! i have not seen her since august! it has been too long! her famliy is such a blessing, so i cannot wait to reunite and just enjoy!

this week i decided to tackle the job of fixing up our bathroom so i painted yesterday! i like to call the color "chocolate milk." i love the color and i LOVE to decorate so it was great! i took down the shower doors and added a shower curtain. its so great! i love when i can organize and change things up a little bit! next job is the guest bedroom. my mom and i are going to paint it blue! its a gorgeous color and i will decorate that as well! its a great time! it doesn't take much to make me happy:) i also painted my nails this weekend! i always have the hardest time figuring out and sticking with what color i want on my nails. this time i tried "incoco" strips. they come in a package and you can get them in any color or in white tips. i used white tips. they are actual nail polish but they are adhesive and the excess chips off and they are perfect! this may be a horrible discription, but trust me they are great! everyone should check them out! mara loves them too!

i have spent a lot of time this week watching my golden girls seasons! they are absolutely fabulous. i hope the friends i have now can and will be friends in the far future. girlfriends are so great. i am getting ready to head to church! sundays are so great! i adore getting to see my friends and church family and brother mark is gearing up for a fantastic message and i am PUMPED! god is so great!

"rejoice in the LORD always. i will say it again: REJOICE!" phillipians 4:4

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