Sunday, January 10, 2010

greater things vision

brother mark's message was absolutely, positively life-changing. the message that god put on his heart will change the life of lynwood as we know it and i can't wait to see these changes! his message was titled "greater things vision 2010." he spoke on the top three visions for our church.

1. maturity: "training christians to experience spiritual transformation through god's word."

2. mobilization: "mobilizing christians to shar the word of god in our community and the world."

3. ministry: "ministering to the needs of hurting people in a safe, loving, christian environment."

to cut right to the point his message truly "rocked." i cannot wait to see these changes. if anyone in the "blog world" in this area is in need of a church home, please come by lynwood and experience the life change with us.

tonight was a bittersweet moment as we said goodbye to some dear friends. our music minister and his wife will be leaving soon and tonight was their dedication service. we had a dinner before and had a great turnout! it was so fun to see everyone and have a fellowship time with the belchers, despite the RANK of kettle beef on my clothes all night long. for those of you who don't know me i can't stand to smell bad and smelling like food is "bad" in my book!

i am going to talk with brother mark this week! i am SO excited! i hope i can share my vision and what god has put on my heart with my fellow bloggers soon, but until then please keep praying! god is speaking and i am so pumped!

"i do not count my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only i may finish my course and the ministry that i received from the lord jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of god."

acts 20:24

i am so excited for this week! i am not scheduled to work at all and although i WILL regret this later, i am going to enjoy this week! i have lots of lunch dates (perfect excuse to go out to eat) and i am going to clean the house, the one wish of my mom. and sometime in there i am going to relax and ENJOY! and my absolute fave...back to school shopping! i can't wait to go get new school supplies! yes, i am easily amused.

thanks so much Ashley for making my adorable header! i just sent her pictures and told her what words i wanted on it and she did the rest! she did fantastic! she also added a sweet signature! if you haven't checked out her blog, you should! she is a pro at some blogging:)

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  1. I know my dad appreciates your support! And thank you for the sweet words--I'm glad to do it!