Tuesday, January 5, 2010

you know you are growing up when...

you know you are growing up when things like government and politics are in my mind before making decisions. my most recent BIG decision in my life is whether i should change my major or not. for those who know me they know i have a passion to teach and love children, but lately in my research, i am finding education is changing. obviously, all things change, but unfortunately, i feel like education in the public school systems is NOT on a good road. my opinion, and i DO love teachers, i mean i am paying thousands to learn how to be one, is teachers are overqualified babysitters. this is absolutely outraging to me, because this is my passion. i want the experience to be pleasant as well as rewarding to the students i am investing my time in. i want the opportunity to teach what is right and make sure my students are fully learning and not just memorizing, like most teachers are teaching. i don't believe this is the teacher's fault, unless, that is, the teacher is "like that." school boards want money and in order to get money, school districts must make the grade, so students need to test, test, test, leading them to evetually forget the information they have learned. if i could afford to teach in a private school out of college, i would love to do so, but i don't think, unless god brings me a doctor:), i can afford this out of college. bottom line to this: i have a passion to teach, but most public school's don't allow teachers to teach, hence the idea to switch my major. i am confused as to what to do, but i am taking this issue up with the god of the universe, and i think he will let me know without a doubt, what i should do!
sorry for the boringness, as mara would say, of that post. it is on my mind so much right now, i couldn't help myself. now for some fun things...i have a fun annual christmas party to go to this friday and saturday. my mom has a corporate party every year. it is hosted in saint louis and it is a black tie affair! therefore it calls for a dress and GREAT shoes! i went to the mall yesterday with a serious budget. i planned on borrowing a dress, but i could not find one to borrow from anyone. i went to macys and found NOTHING. i stopped by jcpenneys and found ONE dress and thankfully they had it in my size. i got the okay from some sweet friends and found out it was on-sale! eeeek!:) i then proceeded onto charolette russee to check out their adorable selection of shoes when i happened upon the cutes "rockin' pumps" for $12.99. i think the day was successful! can't wait to show pictures of the party!

"i praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made..." Psalms 139:14

god is so fantastic and i am so thankful and blessed that i can have the freedom to praise his name wherever i am. he is working in my life and he will work in anyone's life who calls on his name. a great friend told me, "god doesn't instill desire's in your heart to tempt and torture you, he puts them in your heart, to fulfill them if you are faithful." Psalms 145:19 says "he fulfills the desire of those who fear him; he also hears their cry and saves theml." god will fulfill the healthy, desires HE places in your heart if you are faithful to him. he takes the time to care for us and he hears our cries. how blessed are we?! have a great day!

golden girl quote of the day:
dorthy:"did you sleep with tony?"
sophia: "a little."
this might be inappropriate but soo funny! i love me some golden girls!

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