Thursday, January 7, 2010

HE speakes to me.

the god of the universe spoke to me today. he spoke clearly and quickly. i was sitting at work today reading a great girls bible study. (i have the delightful opportunity to lead a girls bible study with some girls from the youth this semester) i was reading through the book to prepare my heart when i started to get uneasy. "what the heck am i going to do with my life?!" a question i probably should have figured out before completing two years of college, but leave it to me, i always make things complicated. i know i have a passion to teach, but as i shared on my last post, i am VERY uneasy about the public school system at this time and i know god will fulfill that desire in his own way. so, on with the story, i was reading my book, minding my own business when i felt god's nudge. you know the feeling that you kind of, sort of, just MAYBE want to ignore? well i said, "god, is that you?! what do you want me to do with my life? i am confused and don't know what to do!" and BAM! right there sitting in the lobby of Edible Arrangments, god told me. now wouldn't you just love to know? TOO BAD! i am totally kidding. that is such a cruel joke, but i am not going to tell my "blog world" at this point. i have people i need to discuss this with, and things i need to do before i ruin a great thing! but keep posted, because i am really excited for what god has in store for me! i do ask, for those of you reading, i do ask for your prayers on the guidance of what god has put on my heart.

tomorrow is the big day! well not too big, but i have my mom's annual christmas party in saint louis! i am so excited to where my great dress and fabulous shoes! a night away from home is sometimes so needed! it will be a great time to talk with my mom and just enjoy seeing some great people i only see once a year!

sunday is going to be a sad day! brother gary is leaving lynwood, in view of a call, to go to tampa, florida. sunday is his last day and we will be having a banquet for him. it has been so fun to spend some time with his family this week and go through pictures and make plans to make his night memorable. i am going to miss him and his wonderful wife, mrs. sue, but i am glad we get to keep his daughter:) god is going to do such great things in our church and i am very excited for what brother mark and our staff has planned.

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