Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's been awhile...

school started today...gross. i honestly think i am already dreading the semester. fantastic. i officially "hate" semo. maybe not completely hate, but dislike with an extreme, i mean extreme, passion. i got on my portal yesterday, the DAY before classes, only to realize my schedule had been completely jacked. when i went to my advisor, who is retiring in twenty days and doesn't care, he explained that he didn't do it. i am sure there could have been a HUGE glitch in the system, but it was mesed up and i was now expected to travel to kennett to take a class. despite the extreme frustration i am still in the process of figuring out my schedule at 9 o'clock at night. awesome.

as far as this semester goes, i think it might be the death of me:) i am taking seventeen hours and some of the most boring classes. on top of boring classes, i have 8 o'clock classses EVERY day. yuck! i am taking one fun class this semester that i am super excited about! children's literature will be so much fun! it is a class completely based on acquainting students with significant illustrators, writers, and works of children's literature. we got to read children's books in class today and it made me reminisce in my childhood for a little while. even though classes won't be the best, i am excited that i have friends with my best friend! we will not be forced to hang out together:) i am not complaining about that!

only eleven months and one week until africa! i am so pumped! if anyone is interested in checking out exactly what i am doing or would like to contribute check out the website here! i am so excited and it is going to be such a blessing. i am starting to save my money as well as save things to sell in our heart for africa garage sale. my mom and i are going to collect items from anyone getting rid of things they don't want/need anymore. we will have a garage sale this summer and 100% of the proceeds will go to our heart for africa fund. if anyone is interested in donating items, let me know! it would be greatly appreciated as well as going to a good cause!

this week has been pretty crazy and stressful at that. god is so good and he remains so faithful. i am so thankful to have the god of the universe on my side at all times. i have been stressed about money for sometime now. i have been praying for jobs and trying to figure out what i can cut out of my budget to make things work out! i was so blessed to get the phone call from a sweet family asking me to housesit for a month! god is SO good! i am so excited for the opportunity to have some extra money and still have time to work on school and not stress about anything!

"god, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful." 1 corinthians 1:9

i had dinner with my family last night and while we were eating, we talked about the world and society. it literally DISGUSTS me. maybe i need to get down off my high horse, but i am so frustrated with the way the world works. my uncle and grandpa started discussing the "jay leno and conan," which i know nothing about. someone brought up their salaries and i almost blew up. a talk show host making 80 MILLION dollars?!!? someone who stands up and discusses crude and inaccurate facts makes over 2,000 times more money than i will make? the person who teaches students how to write their name and count to one hundred? the fundamentals to life. and on top of that, a college sports coach who makes outrageous amounts of money and they don't even teach students how to play the sport, because if they are playing for college, they can already play the sport. uggghhhh. i will step off my soap box now. sorry for my little blow-up. i have been extremly uneasy about the whole teacher issue. i DO want to be a teacher, i just am sick of the way society is! how sad to know my children will be in this society.

now that i am finished with that, on with the good stuff:) god is going to do so many great things this semester and i AM looking forward to that! i think new beginnings in 2010 will be great and i know god is going to rock my world! he is still on the throne and he continues to work everyday!

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