Thursday, January 21, 2010

rain, rain, go away!

this semester is already overwhelming. i have six classes and i have a consistent amount of homework in everyone one of them, already. i know, i know, i need to get used to it right? well i don't want to:) it was POURING rain today. it's days like these where i truly miss high school; the days where i could switch classes INSIDE a building. the days where I didn't have to change clothes 1231412 times a day because i continually got wet. it is also days like these where i do not see the point in showering before class. call me gross, but its true, and you know you think the same thing:) don't get me wrong, i love to shower and be clean, but showering for me is a long process and if i am going to get wet, causing my hair to mess up, why waste my precious time. i have struggled with migraines for four years and weather fronts trigger my head, not fun.
embarrassing moment of the day...i was told i couldn't be in a class. after all the struggles with my schedule, i am still attempting to get in a university studies course. the course is "american health care system" and i can't find an open seat. the professor was very sweet and she gave me the option to come to class and see if any of her students didn't show up. when i got to class i let her know i was there and she told me we could talk after class. i didn't expect her to bring it up when she was calling role. and i for sure didn't expect her to tell me, "everyone showed up, better luck next time." she then told me i could leave, AFTER she had started class. i had to pack all of my stuff up and walk out. i do NOT get embarrassed, but i definitely was feeling it today. awesome.
i have been blessed with the opportunity to house-sit for over a MONTH! i am excited, but very nervous. i will be in cape, but i am sure i will pee my pants everytime i hear a noise. i LOVE my alone time, but when it gets dark outside, someone better be there beside me! so we will see how long i last before i am driving home in the middle of the night.
my mom told me today that there is a trip to africa at the end of july, meaning i might be going sooner than later. this is SO exciting but scary at the same time. i would love to go this summer, but i do not have anywhere close to the money i need saved. god is so faithful and he is my provider, so if he calls me on this trip i know he will provide, but it will be taking a major leap of faith. if you think about it, say a prayer for me!
if anyone is up for a great new worship song, check out kari jobe's "revelation song." i am almost brought to tears every time i listen to this song, which is quite often. it makes me want to dance! it is very moving. i encourage everyone to listen to it! FANTASTIC!
i will leave on this note, EVERYONE going into college, or already there, MUST invest in an adorable umbrella, rainboots, and raincoat. it is imperative for days like today! have a fantastic week! remember that "God has no interest being a wekend getaway or a summer cottage. don't use God as a vacation. He wants you under His roof now and always. He wants to be your mailing address, your point of reference. He wants to be your home." -Max Lucado


  1. you're so awesome. i really can't relate to your thoughts about missing high school... just saying. i will be praying for you!!!! i have a funny story that i will eventually type on my blog (whenever i stop getting lazy and actually keep up with it.) i have to read a classic for a book report in honor's english. i chose pride and prejudice because i am obsessed with the movie and i know the story line.. anyways, my mom is reading it to me. such an awesome mom, i know. okay so the funny part is (actually, not that i am writing this out, it is not that funny at all..) everytime i mention my mom reading the book to me or if i mention anything about it she sings the main song in the movie.. it has no lyrics.. so she like hums it and makes this noise..... okay i guess you have to be there. anyways!!! i love you alot

  2. ps, if you ever want to laugh out loud read mylifeisaverage.com and peopleofwalmart.com

    best websites ever

  3. I'm in that American Health Care Systems class on Wed from 9-1150! You should try to get into that one!!