Sunday, January 31, 2010

a little about the blogger.

i am going to use this post to tell a little about myself! i have done this before on facebook and i had a lot of comments, so i just thought i would do it again, because it causes me to dig deep and its real fun! hope you enjoy:

1. i am in love with my savior. he rescued my life and everyone elses. that is the best gift. hands down.

2. i am a hopeless romantic and i believe in happily ever after. i plan to acheive this someday<3

3. even though i sometimes don't act like it, i love my brother. he is the greatest sibling a girl could ask for. i know he would do anything for me. and i would do the same. including watching him ride a bull. he doesn't have a brain. we know.

4. i suffer from a disease called retailed therapy. regardless of what anyone says, it's real. and it helps.

5. i love kids. i want to spend my life doing something with children. i used to think that was teaching, seeming as how i am going to college for it, but i am not thinking that any mo

6. i despise lady gaga and all of her music. i don't want to hold them like they do in texas please.

7. i love to sing. i sing in the shower. i sing in the car. i think about singing. i love it.

8. i have a slight hello kitty obsession. i don't care what anyone says. i hear a lot of people say "my little sister loves hello kitty." my question is always "how old is your sister?" the range is normally between 5-10 years old and no i am not ashamed.

9. i love dancing. i can't dance, but i love it.

10. just like my best friend mara, i love to eat. our love for food has bonded us together for life. most people assume we don't eat, but praise god we have high metabolisms.

11. mara and i are freiends for more reasons than food. we became close in the lovely coach slattery's class and have been inseperable ever since. she is the best friend a girl could ask for. she doesn't care if i don't shower for weeks at a time.

12. i have a kid. her name is lacey. she is my cat.

13. i love fashion. i have a slight jealousy for those people who are so wealthy they can afford to pay $400 for a shirt.

14. i have been called crazy. i take that as a compliment. i will be the mom everyone is embarrassed by, but i am okay with that. i am not supposed to change for anyone, right?

15. i am emotional. i drive and sing real loud when i get angry.

16. the bible is the best book ever written. it's the best love story and i am in it.

17. i love music. i love all genres. this is another great thearpy.

18. i wish i could write songs. great lyrics are the best. kind of like a poem, but you can sing it. :)

19. my mom is my best friend. she is the most understanding, supportive, independent, strong, godly woman i know. she is the best mom in the world. hands. down.

20. i love pictures. taking pictures is the best way to capture a memory. i wish i took more, but i cherish the ones i have. my new years resolution was to try to capture as many memories as i could.

21. i hated highschool. i wish i could look back and say i miss it, but i don't. drama is not fun to me.

22. because i hated highschool, i assumed i would love college. i didn't. being away from home was not fun to me. i am now home, its not much better.

23. i love to read. books are fantastic ways to escape in a "fantasy" world. unfortunately, most books are too good to be true, but i am completely content with thinking they are.

24. i love to wear comfy clothes most all of the time, but if i ever need a pick-me-up i put on some cute clothes and jeans and i feel much better about myself.

25. i adore my family. they mean the world to me. i would do anything for them.

26. i try to think positively at all times! i think everything happens for a reason because god is sovereign.

27. i have a tattoo. it is on my wrist. it says "phillipians 4:13." i love it and wouldn't change it. it has a sincere meaning and it's a solid reminder to me every single day. you should hear the story of how i told my mom. to my defense, she knew i was going to get it before i did. i did not go behind her back.

28. spring and fall are the best. not too hot, not too cold. perfect for outside extravaganzas.

29. i want to be a wife and mom someday. god has put this very strong desire on my heart and i can't wait. i am not wishing my life away, i just can't wait to spend my life with my best friend. whoever that might be.

30. i do not feel peaceful about public education and will do something other than teach with my degree.

31. some of my guilty pleasures: andy's custard, sprinkles, chocolate, ranch dressing, shoes and pedicures.

32. the "perfect" guy will take me to look at the stars and send me flowers. something no guy has done for me, yet.

33. i like to read any magazine. especially the ones including lots of fun stuff about fashion and beauty.

34. laughter is the best medicine.

35. blogging is my new obsession.

36. i can't wait to go to africa. my goal is to teach while i am there. eeeekkk!

37. i love to decorate and renovate. i have decorated my room countless times as well as many other rooms in my house. i wish i had enough money to splurge on expensive pieces, but i love to shop for great deals.

38. i want to do something bigger with my life. i am still praying about what that might be, but i am not sure what it is.

39. i want to learn how to hunt. i think i will cry, but i think it could be a good experience, if i suceeded. hopefully, cody will hurry up on that one.

40. if i had a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream i would sing worship music all day long and get paid for it.

i hope everyone enjoyed this! i definitely enjoyed writing it and i guess that's all that matters. have a blessed day!

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